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Distributors and professionals, distribute our clothing, wholesaler of custom-made clothing

Are you looking for a manufacturer specializing in tailor-made products?

We are always looking for partners to establish a collaboration with our custom clothing service.

If you want to:

  • Provide an additional service to your customers
  • Attract a new clientele
  • Offer a rare service and sought-after expertise
  • Have a supplementary business with zero stock and minimal investment

Then, join our network of distributors.

What we can offer you:

Very competitive rates, lower than those listed on the website (prices vary based on the nature and quantity of clothing ordered). Close follow-up and collaboration, as what’s good for our partners is good for us as well. A starter kit including fabric samples, forms detailing measurement-taking at cost price (or even lower upon request). The opportunity to create your own collection, choose your models, and establish your own brand.